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Partnering With P2 Security

Program Summary

The P2 Security Partner Program offers technology solutions, sales and marketing tools, training, and Level 2 support to assist you in satisfying your customers’ business needs.   Our comprehensive program is designed to support accelerated growth and to position your company to take advantage of increased sales opportunities more efficiently and effectively.  As a P2 Security Partner, you gain access to resources to help you extend your reach, to build a profitable solutions based business, and to enhance your company's competitive advantage.  

The maXecurity™ product line and support services can assist you in building a robust, scalable and highly-available network infrastructure to meet your customers’ evolving needs. Our products incorporate the latest in network-wide security, have scalable architecture, and come with winning customer support to deliver network solutions that are cost effective, secure, and highly integratable.

The maXecurity products are entrenched in Corporate America. Public companies are becoming more frustrated with their existing Web Access Management products and are searching for more regulatory-friendly solutions.  The introductory model, maXecurity Basic, has broken the cost barrier in Web Access Management. The mid-range product, maXecurity Pro, and the high-end maXecurity Enterprise model have product costs that are an order of magnitude less than the competition. The maXecurity product line offers a new market to companies that cannot afford the standard six-figure solutions from current market players.

The P2 Security Partner Program has 2 types of partnership structures: Channel Partnerships and Strategic Alliances. To become a P2 Security Partner, call 1-888-877-7272 or submit an application.