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Streamlined Maintenance

Complete, All-In-One Device

maXecurity appliances contain everything you need to control access to all of your web servers and integrate security policies with your LDAP servers. Unlike software-based products, there is no OS maintenance to manage, and no audit controls needed to make sure the box settings minimize your risk. The appliances have no user-accessible access other than via the administrative web tools.

Self Service & Faster On-Boarding

The maXecurity appliances provide significant time saving improvements through self-service and faster on-boarding for a more flexible and cost-effective system.


The maXecurity products offer an intuitive, web-based interface for self-service maintenance by each type of user:

  • Infrastructure administrator
  • Security administrator
  • Web application owner
  • Auditor

Faster On-Boarding

Using the maXecurity products' built-in delegated administration features means quicker on-boarding of new applications. Web application owners can construct and administer their own policy.

For additional information about streamlined maintenance, click here.