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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, please use the Contact Us page to request more information.

What is Web Access Management?

Web Access Management is a web security technology that protects an enterprise's sensitive web resources and data from unauthorized use. Web access management systems perform this security function by validating a user's credentials (authentication), determining whether the validated user is entitled to requested resources (authorization), and keeping a record of all unauthorized access attempts and policy changes (auditing). Most Web Access Management solutions also provide for Single Sign-On (session management). To learn more about Web Access Management, please watch this video:

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Single Sign-On is a process by which a user logs into any of the protected websites in an organization, and is instantly logged in to all of the remaining websites. This reduces Help Desk calls (for forgotten passwords) and improves the user's experience (by preventing password fatigue). For information on cost savings related to Single Sign-On, visit our ROI page. For more information on Single Sign-On and password fatigue, please visit our SSO page.

How is WAM different from Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO)?

ESSO is a technology that offers users the convenience of having to enter in a password once, and have these credentials automatically entered into each underlying resource. It differs from the maXecurity products in 2 fundamental ways:

1. ESSO only handles the storage and auto-login of user passwords. The maXecurity products handle authentication management (e.g. it works closely with password policy). The maXecurity products also perform policy-based authorization, generate audit reports, and improve web site performance due to its dedicated, highly-optimized hardware. So while the SSO feature is a great benefit for users, maXecurity's four-pronged approach (authentication, authorization, auditing, and session management) addresses the crucial web security components that ESSO products let slip through the cracks.

2. Most ESSO products attempt to synchronize passwords across systems. This leads to "dirty data" due to network issues, policy differences, etc. maXecurity products take a fundamentally different approach by embracing existing LDAP directories and establishing trust relationships between the various repositories.

Why is Web Access Management important?

Enterprises are increasingly making sensitive data available to employees and customers via web-based applications. While online access to personal data has provided unparalleled convenience for users, it has also made security technologies such as Web Access Management increasingly important in order to prevent unauthorized access to data.

What are the maXecurity products?

The maXecurity products are next-generation, standards-based, Web Access Management appliances. They use proxy-based architecture that can integrate with any HTTPv1.1-compliant web server, and any LDAPv3-compliant user directory. Three maXecurity appliance models are available that support 100, 1000, and 10,000 simultaneous web requests (enough performance for a base of 500, 5,000, or 50,000 users, respectively). The maXecurity appliance models can be mixed and matched to scale linearly to any usage scenario from the smallest to the largest enterprise.

Are the maXecurity products right for my enterprise?

If your enterprise is subject to Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, HIPAA or other emerging regulatory requirements, then the maXecurity products are an ideal turn-key solution. The maXecurity products have broken the cost barrier to Web Access Management, providing affordable solutions for any enterprise, large or small.

Why are maXecurity products better than the competition?

Unlike first generation Web Access Management products, the maXecurity appliances have been specifically optimized for regulatory compliance and audit reporting, ease of integration and scalability, streamlined maintenance, and significantly lower total cost of ownership. To learn more about the issues customers currently face with older WAM products, please watch this video:

Who is P2 Security?

P2 Security LLC is a New York-based technology company with a core focus on web access management. The founders of the company are each information technology professionals with 20 years of experience, and have focused on the identity and access management technology niche for the past 10 years. Frustrated with the shortcomings of older, first generation web access management products, the founders took a "clean slate" approach to web access management that resulted in the maXecurity architecture.

What support is available?

P2 Security clients with a support contract receive access to a dedicated support representative who is familiar with their web infrastructure and use of the maXecurity product. The support representative is a single point of contact for the client, and is on call 24/7.

What services can P2 Security provide?

P2 Security's Professional Services staff can be retained to integrate maXecurity into any web infrastructure, large or small.

How can I partner with P2 Security?

Please refer to the Partners page for information regarding partnering with P2 Security.

How can I contact P2 Security?

Please refer to the Contact Us page.